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December 24th 2008

A young woman named Kathy Warner is found dead in her home by her girlfriend. She would go on to become the first official victim of the Serial Killer known only as Red Smile.

Black Shadow

Red Smile

April 25th 2009 After 27 years of service to New Steede City, the superhero known as Psypher has his final showdown with the terrorist known as Living Nightmare. He manages to take down Living Nightmare but dies while doing so. He was revealed to be Jonathan Spade and he was given a hero's funeral. Psypher None (Backstory)
June 6th 2009 Brian Warner and his partner Marcus James Reed investigate the alleged third victim of notorious serial killer Red Smile. Black Shadow Red Smile
November 9th 2010 At the Dunwich Institute for the criminally insane, the dead body of one Doctor Hemsway is found by the orderlies. Black Shadow Making Friends

October 12th 2013

The Monger are looking for Joanna Reed, a young woman kidnapped by the Shadowclan. A tip from Hank Masters brought the Agent to a private parking garage where he is ambushed by the Phantom and some clones. He loses this battle but strangely enough the Phantom does not kill him. Instead they escape when the police arrive. The Agent realizes the truth behind Joanna's abduction and confronts the Phantom about his findings. After a very short battle and some truths being revealed, the Agent kills the Phantom, ending the Shadowclan once and for all.

Monger Generation X DIgest

Joanna Reed

August 25th 2014

Five years after the death of Psypher, Living Nightmare returns for more terror when Psypher also shows up. A fight ensues that is witnessed by the police. Living Nightmare is defeated by Psypher and taken into Police custody. However, he fades into dust while everyone wonders who the new Pspyher is.


Dead means Dead

September 7th 2014

A man in a powersuit wreaks havoc in the city. Psypher investigates and a fight ensues, with the man proving himself to be capable of controlling gravity. Psypher still manages to defeat him and even talk the man into using his powers for good. However before the man can act upon it, he disintegrates into particles, similar to Living Nightmare before him.



September 15th 2014

Psypher is attacked at the waterfront by a horde of incredibly powerful adversaries. He barely manages to survive when a nearby gas station explodes, killing the enemies. Psypher goes in to investigate and finds the culprit, who escapes into an old warehouse. There, Psypher corners him and realizes it is the dead body of Dr. Racnos, an old foe he had helped reform, now controlled by the A.I. he used to control the suit, and wants answers when the foes from earlier re-appear. Psypher learns that they are controlled zombies and with the help of his newfound partner brings them down. He then is told that SanCorp, a biological waste disposal corporation is behind the attacks.


No Rest, No Peace

October 3rd 2014 Frank Falkner is released from the Hospital and meets Michael Chapman. While talking a walk with Andrea, zombies show up after sunset. Lucky for them, so does Psypher. After cleaning the zombies up, a SanCorp cleanup crew arrives to take care of the waste, much to Psyphers suspicions. Psypher Night of Terror (Parts 1+2)

November 16th 2014

After three years of silence, Red Smile has killed again and Marcus Reed brings in Brian Warner to investigate. Brian deduces that Red Smile is in fact back and there will be many more victims. After some research, Brian realizes that Red Smile is going to kill his family! He rushes home but it is too late, his family is already dead.

Meanwhile Psypher fights a gang of masked criminals when another masked vigilante shows up. Together, they take down the gang before going their separate ways again.

Black Shadow


Red Smile, White Lie

Janya (Parts 1+2)

November 17th 2014

Brian takes it upon himself to figure out who Red Smile is. While following Marcus to another crime scene, he spots a girl in a red shirt. When he tries to ask her if she saw anything, she runs away. He runs after her and a fight ensues. He manages to defeat her and learns that she is part of a group that calls themselves "Red Shirts" and that they are followers of Red Smile. Brian knocks her out and vows to hunt them and Red Smile until they are all brought to justice.

Black Shadow

Blue Collar

January 8th 2015 Orchid teams up with Psypher to investigate a SanCorp warehouse where they discover the same armed zombies Psypher already fought before, when he had teamed up with the dead Dr. Racnos. Orchid X Psypher Nightshift
June 12th 2015 Black Shadow is investigating Gavin Locke when he notices police activity. He follows them to the crime scene where the remains of a young woman, who has been brutally butchered, have been found. There, he and Marcus befriend a young reporter by the name of Anne Kresky. Black Shadow Making Friends
August 12th 2015 Nevya Královna, after quitting her job as an adult actress, gets an offer from Dr. Hugo Schneider to partake in a science experiment for 500 000 dollars. Nightfighter Chronicles Frozen Heart
August 21st 2015 Nevya Královna does Dr. Schneider's experiment and promptly gets paid her 500 000 dollars. At home she is attacked by a robber whom she quickly shoots dead, only to realize the robber is actually her brother. Nightfighter Chronicles Frozen Heart
August 31st 2015 Nevya is sentenced to seven years of Cryo Prison for killing her brother in self defense. Nightfighter Chronicles Frozen Heart

June 28th 2016

A.D.S. Agent Orchid is sent to infiltrate A.S. Industries, disguised as Fujiko Simmons, who is expected to be on vacation with her husband Thomas . However, things get complicated when Fujiko suddenly returns and Orchid is captured.


Part 1: Infiltration

June 29th 2016

Orchid escapes her prison and escapes to the roof. She realizes that she is stuck there when armed guards arrive. She manages to take them out stealthily one by one and head back to the A.D.S. with the evidence needed to launch an investigation into A.S. Industries and Alvin Severnya.


Part 2: Breakout

Part 3: Survival

June 22nd 2017 Chrome breaks Nevya out of prison and brings her now transformed body to Dr. Schneider, who admits to staging the whole burglary. She is then mindwiped and transformed into a cyborg named Glacia. Nightfighter Chronicles Frozen Heart

July 17th 2017

Shin Dae-Jung, after being held captive and experimented on by Alvin Severnya , escapes into the sewers and manages to steal some clothes from a street gang before disappearing into the night.


Men with Power

July 18th 2017

A.D.S. forces invade the A.S.I. compound, Alvin Severnya kills Fujiko Simmons in cold blood to use her as his new guinea pig. The A.D.S. however shoots Severnya in return as they collect the samples to his serum. They missed a vial, however, and Severnya injects it into himself. At the same time, Thomas Simmons works on the Bio Suit, a project his father created when suddenly everything around him catches fire and he is thrown into the suit as his apartment explodes.


Men with Power

August 10th 2017

Raven learns from Hank Masters that a package arrives at club Retinal Fetish for her criminal father Lucius to get. She gets there and in a shootout with Talya, her nemesis, blows the place up. Raven hides in an old warehouse where she sees Black Shadow beating up a few thugs. She discovers some acid and takes a sample for her science loving friend Keith. He wants her to get more. At the warehouse, she finds a disfigured Talya and they fight. Raven barely escapes with the help of Black Shadow. Heading back to Keith, they find him dead, as he accidentally got in contact with the acid. Black Shadow takes the case to Marcus Reed while Raven heads to Lucius' mansion to stall him until the police can arrest him. However a fight ensues that ends with Lucius getting in contact with the toxin himself while Black Shadow arrests Talya and lets Raven escape.

Raven/Black Shadow Digest

Silver Angel

September 21st 2017

Thomas Simmons awakes badly burned but alive and meets Shin and Nightstar. Together they fight a towering beast but to no avail - the beast rips off Nightstar's arm! When the building collapses, they manage to escape into the tunnels below, where Nightstar's healing factor helps to re-attach her arm. There, Thomas learns about the death of his wife Fujiko at the hands of Severnya. He runs off but doesn't get very far when the Bio Suit that had fused with him during the explosion breaks out, creating Nightfighter. Meanwhile, Chrome and Glacia are looking for the Bio Suit when they find Thomas, Shin and Nightstar. After a short fight they take them out and bring Nightfighter to Severnya. Severnya mistakes Nightfighter for his father, Marvin Simmons, who had co-created the suit with him, but quickly learns that it is Marvin's son Thomas actually wearing it. They fight and during the fight Dr. Hugo Schneider gets killed by Severnya and Nightfighter cuts Severnya's throat as the building collapses. Shin and Nightstar arrive just in time to save their friend and they disappear into the night.


At the same time over at Hunts Point, a man is shot dead by an unknown assailant, but there is confusion about what had actually happened.




No Man's Land

Fear the Beast

The First Struggle


Kids these days...

November 22nd 2017 Nightfighter and Nightstar are out when they see a Skeeter flying by. While Nightstar heads to get Shin, Nightfighter heads to where the Skeeter came from. There he runs into James Anborn, who is poisoning the city's water supply. They fight and Anborn falls into his own acid. Then the A.D.S. shows up and mistake Nightfighter for the water poisoner. They start to fight him and after a daring escape he eventually gets captured and shot in the head. Nightfighter

All American Capitalist

Starting a War

November 23rd 2017 Nightfighter's suit repairs the damage but the A.D.S. takes him down nonetheless. He is taken into interrogation where he meets Alfred Dyson. The two explain their current situation and decide to team up to take down corrupt A.D.S. people. Meanwhile Nightstar and Shin are at the scene of the crime and overhear some A.D.S. soldiers saying they have captured Nightfighter and intend to kill Dyson. Nightstar and Shin let themselves get arrested and are thrown into the same interrogation room as Nightfigther. There, Shin learns his true identity as the missing head of the A.D.S. and they form a plan. Nightfighter and Nightstar are taken to a warehouse with Dyson to be executed, but Orchid shows up and together they take down the assailants while Shin stays back at A.D.S. headquarters and arrests the man responsible. In the end Shin establishes Dyson as the new head of the A.D.S. and in return Dyson gifts them two stories of an apartment complex of their own. Nightfighter

The Right Reasons

Question of Justice

All the way

May 17th 2019

Melissa (Issa) Karas is giving an oral exam about what heroes mean to her. Meanwhile a local mob boss tells his assistant to take care of the person investigating a case they are involved in, which happens to be Issa, who is looking for her missing father. Later that evening Issa stumbles across an ad that promises information about her father. She follows that lead, but it was a setup by the Mafia who attacks her subsequently, but she manages to win that fight and escape.

Heroes of the Void - Introduction


Kids these days...

May 29th 2019

Issa returns home when she is confronted by the Professor. He disagrees with her antics late at night as he fears she is out doing vigilantism and getting herself killed. Issa storms out angrily and relieves her anger on a wannabe mugger. When she returns home the Professor scolds her that being a hero is about helping people foremost, not only beating up bad guys, before he admits that he knows he can't stop her but he can aid her doing the right thing. He presents her with her very own costume and she choses the name Replica for herself.



June 6th 2019 Issa is chasing a masked burglar when she realizes there is a party at Eva's place and she was not invited. When she realizes her crush Chad is at the party, she changes into his girlfriend Clara, using her shape-shifting powers. She and Chad take it upstairs, but before anything can happen, she sees the burglar again. Angrily, she takes the burglar out and heads home, only to realize that she almost committed rape by fraud with Chad. Replica Partytime
June 20th 2019 Issa stops a powered man from killing the mayor but underestimates her enemy. He analyzes her outer layer and makes her arm explode. She barely manages to get home where the Professor repairs her. While she is resting, the Professor heads to a warehouse and meets the mysterious attacker. He pays him off to drop the assignment and the villain agrees. Replica Outmatched

Mach 9th 2020

Dark Mist has her first case when Emilia DeSantos uses a combat suit she had created to track down the kidnappers of a young girl named Jenny, who had killed her father after he'd paid the ransom for her.

Dark Mist Year One Digest

Dark Mist

June 13th 2020

Dark Mist infiltrates a bank that is currently being robbed and takes out the criminals with her new and upgraded combat suit.

Dark Mist Year One Digest

The Heist

August 19th 2020

The fight against a gangster shows Emilia where her limits are, when he manages to defeat and almost kill her despite her combat suit. So she decides to add some new features to take down the man that almost got her killed.

Dark Mist Year One Digest

Just a Girl

October 27th 2020

Two petty thieves are hunted by the cops, who mistake them for Red Shirts. When Dark Mist arrives to fight them, one of the thieves almost slices her femoral artery with a nail in a bat. She manages to defeat the two and escape, but only barely.

Dark Mist Year One Digest

Too Close

December 9th 2020

After months of work, Emilia finally creates the ultimate armored suit, one she can control with her thoughts. She no longer has to put her own life in danger - not when she can send in her avatar suit instead.

Dark Mist Year One Digest


June 17th 2099 After months of searching, Jara Bint Rih and her best friend Lucia Mason finally find the last piece of a combat suit they had been looking for, when they are attacked by a gang. In order to help Lucia, Jara puts on the suit in the hopes it will work and successfully manages to beat the attackers and get them arrested. Shade Wars End
September 9th 2099 After a few weeks of indoor testing, Jara takes the suit out for a spin and promptly finds herself hunted by the cops. Only with a trick can she manage to escape them. Shade Test Run

December 12th 2099

Jara and Lucia are giving their statements about the June 17th attack to Detective Elias Mason who not only is interested in the attack, but also in Lucia. His real interest however is Jara's alter ego Shade, as she is now called by the police. Shade Busted

March 16th 2100

Shade is on patrol while talking with Lucia about Detective Mason when she is attacked by an assailant in a white hood. Without much of an explanation, a fight ensues and Shade is taken out by her opponent and brought to Meta Systems. Shade Round One: The Old New

March 17th 2100

At Meta Systems, Shade is forced to fight a few robots because Meta Systems' owner and CEO Ashley Simmons wants to test the suit. Shade manages to escape by throwing herself and Ashley out of a broken window. The robots rescue Ashley and Shade returns to Lucia, claiming that everything is alright while looking visibly worried. Shade The Old New, Part 2
June 17th 2100 Shade fights the Gargoyle over a device called The Disruptor who has a mysterious kind of energy inside that allows the Gargoyle to power up and be stronger than he would otherwise be. Shade still defeats him and the Disruptor falls down a building, seemingly getting destroyed. Shade Sky High
September 8th 2100 While Shade has a chat with Lucia, they witness a mutated insect creature with the Disruptor. Shade gives pursuit and sees the creature further transform, probably because of the Disruptor. After defeating the Mantis creature's insect children that had hatched from her eggs, she fights the beast herself on top of a building, while they are all being attacked by the police. The building crumbles and they all fall into the depths, where an explosion apparently kills the Mantis and destroys the Disruptor. However, a tiny robot is carrying the Disruptor to safety. Shade Hunting Mantis
December 21st 2100 Shade realizes that Meta Systems has been too quiet recently, which can only mean they are up to something. And since they probably wanted the Disruptor, and have yet to send more lunatics to find it, she thinks Meta Systems already found it. So she infiltrates a Meta Systems Facility and realizes that indeed, they do possess the Disruptor. Trying to take it back from them she is stopped by a woman wearing a spider-like exo suit. Shade The Core