The incident was a series of events involving the A.D.S. and A.S. Industries. It occured on July 18th 2017 between midnight and 1am and led to the death of at least 102 people.

Before the Incident Edit

On September 7th 2016 A.D.S. Agent Orchid was sent undercover into A.S. Industries to find incriminating evidence against Alvin Severnya, founder and CEO of the company. Posing as Severnyas personal assistant Fujiko Simmons, Orchid managed to copy files from Severnya's harddrive. She was discovered, however and was hunted by the security team on site. As she escaped, she learned that some of the security staff had connections to the anarchic criminals known as Red Shirts. While it is unknown what they fond on Severnyas computer, it led the A.D.S. to plan an attack on the compound.

The Incident Edit

On July 18th 2017 A.D.S. soldiers infiltrated the A.S. Industries compound in search for Alvin Severnya and some of his work. Severnya was in his private laboratory, studying the latest effects of his serum. Because his latest test subject had escaped, he planned on using his secretary Fujiko Simmons as his new lab rat and shot her. Unfortunately it killed her instantly and he could not test his serum on her. The shot triggered the A.D.S. to intervene and one of the soldiers shot Severnya. They took his serum and left him for dead, not knowing that he had a vial of the serum left, which he injected into his own bloodstream.

It is currently not known what happened next, but for some reason most parts of the compound exploded. The explosion brought down most facilities and destroyed the entire housing side of the complex, killing 102 people with 7 people missing. How many of these casualities were A.D.S. soldiers and what happened to the serum is currently also knot known.

Aftermath Edit

Due to him using his serum, Severnya survived the assault and the explosion and continued his work. Repairs begang right away to rebuild the complex. For the time being the A.D.S. has not launched a further investigation into this matter.