Lassiter Talya

Talya Art by Lukas Draxl

Talya Lassiter is an antagonist and the former best friend of Raven . She is very pretty and knows how to use this to get what she wants. She is in love with Raven s father and would do anything for him.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about Talya. Raven first met her in the orphanage and the two became friends. When Raven was taken into custody by her father, he also took Talya with him. But unlike Raven Talya was very happy about this. She found his power and mystery interesting and fell in love with him.

As Lucius' Right Hand WomanEdit

Acting as a sort of second in command to Lucius Talya does pretty much everything form him. She was the one who was sent to fetch the package from Club Retinal Fetish when Raven went there. During the shootout and the resulting explosion Talya managed to gra the package but was injured. She got light burns on her skin and her hair burned off. Rocking the bald look she then headed over to the Warehouse where the orange powder was stored to see why the men there abandoned their posts. There she ran into Raven again and almost managed to kill her in a fight until Black Shadow arrived and she retreated.