Stephen was born on December 4th 1982 into a complicated family. His father was a cop and was killed in the line of duty two months before he was born. His mother didn’t have a lot of luck with men afterwards, stumbling from one broken relationship into another, raising two children with little money and generally just trying to make ends meet.

But while Margaret, Stephen’s sister, became a manipulative and cold woman, Stephen grew into a warm-hearted and righteous young man. He wanted to be a police officer like his father and attended the New Steede Police academy as soon as he was allowed to. There, he quickly discovered his talents and love for fast cars and driving. He took extra curriculum to become Highway Patrol and he also founded the New Steede Racing Taskforce, a special division intended to stop and counter street racing, car theft and organized crime involving motorized vehicles.

He is in a relationship with Ashley Mills, an athlete, dancer and gymnast. When the Living Nightmare returned, he blew up the coffeeshop that Ashley and Stephen frequented. The explosion sent Ashley straight to the hospital and later into a coma, while Stephen was relatively unharmed. Curiously, directly after that explosion, Psypher showed up, making Stephen a person of interest for the question: Who is the new Psypher

He fits the bill because he is the same height and body type. As a police officer he has the right training for the job, he is in good shape and has access to police radio, giving him a direct line to all the crime in the city. As a cop, he also knows what steps to take to get away unnoticed.

On the other hand, his job as a cop also means he has little free time and depending on the type of mission the N.S.R.T. is currently doing, he could very well have trouble sneaking away to do superheroing.