Shin Art by David A. Daang

Shin is a mysterious vigilante that appears in Nightfighter . He works in a team with Nightstar. Little is known about him but he seems to have at least some superpowers. His eyes turn black when he is angry and his skin seems to be impenetrable, at least by knifes.

Private LifeEdit

Nothing is known about Shin except the fact that his name is Shin. He is probably of Korean descent and he is a rather humorless person. He also seems to dislike guns.

The VigilanteEdit

On July 17th 2017 Shin ran naked through the sewers. When he exited them he stumbled across a gang of thugs. But instead of them taking him out he took them out, despite them being heavily armed. He took some of their clothes and left into the Night.

On September 21st 2017 he and Nightstar were fighting a huge beast inside an old warehouse. He devised a plan to capture the creature with chains but the plan backfired and the monster almost ate him. With the help of Thomas Simmons they defeated the beast and escaped the scene before the entire building collapsed above them.

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