Red Shirts

Art by David A. Daang

Red Shirts are criminals who either worship/follow the californian serial killer Red Smile or criminals who act in such a brutal and vile manner that they compare themselves to the infamous killer.

They first appeared in California in late 2014 where they were discovered by Brian Warner. It is believed that a small group of Red Shirts are contacted by Red Smile himself to follow his rules. So far there has not been any evidence to support that theory yet.

The only recognizable feature of any Red Shirt is the fact that they all wear red shirts. This makes it very hard to differentiate between hardened criminals and a random thug who just happens to wear a red shirt.

Red Shirts has little regard for society or rules. They can be considered anarchists. While they don't follow an orgianisation, they can often be seen in groups. Within these groups, in-fighting and murder is very common.