O'Hara Raven

Raven Art by Wuxy

Raven is the main character in the Raven/Black Shadow crossover. She is a young woman who is hellbent on revenge. She is well versed with a gun and has severe burns on the left side of her body. She is also cyberware enhanced which is technically illegal.

Early LifeEdit

Raven was born on January 3rd 1999 and quickly abandoned. She grew up in an Orphanage where she met Talya Lassiter. The two became friends and when Ravens father reappeared he adopted them both. However he was not interested in their well being, he was just interested in them as property. In time he even tried to sell the girls. Raven fought back and the result was that she almost paid for it with her life.

Later yearsEdit

Raven managed to escape her abusive father and began living her own life. But she became obsessed with Revenge to the point where she started attacking random operations of her father. On August 10th 2017 she ran into small time gangster Hank Masters. She knew him to be a known associate of her father so she threatened him to reveal something, anything about her fathers business. Masters told her that there was a package to be delivered that night in a club.

When Raven arrived at the club she ran into Talya who now worked for her father. A gunfight ensued and resulted in the explosion of the club. Talya was able to secure the package however. While Raven escaped from the polcie she hid in an old warehouse where she witnessed Black Shadow beating up some thugs smuggling a strange orange powder. After Black Shadow took care of the thugs and disappeared she took a sample of the powder and brought it to a friend of hers named Keith. While Raven was resting Keith analyzed the substance and found out it was a potent acid that is harmless in its powder form but incredibly dangerous once mixed with water.

Raven returned to the warehouse to investigate but once again ran into Talya. The two began to fight and crashed through a window to the floor below when Black Shadow reappeared and Talya escaped. Black Shadow told Raven that he would take out her father this very night and it would be only fair if she was present. The two headed over to Keith to collect the data about the orange powder and build a legal case against her father.