Written by:
Ezekiel Rage
Art by:
Kenneth Hornsby
Colors by:
{{{ Colorist}}}
Orchid is a mini series and follows the A.D.S. Field agent with that codename. It is a spy story and updated every tuesday from October 1st 2013 to October 1st 2014. It is now completed with three issues.



Lánhuā Wen works for the A.D.S. - the American Defense Service. She is not only the top ranked infiltrator of the organisation, she is also the best female melee fighter. And she is supposed to be on vacation. But her duty comes always first. She is assigned to infiltrate the compound of A.S. Industries by posing as Fujiko Simmons , personal assistant to Alvin Severnya . Her mission is to find out something, anything about Severnyas activities as he tries to buy the A.D.S. itself.

She makes her way into the offices and even manages to connect to the real Fujikos computer and copy a lot of data to A.D.S. servers. But then Severnya enters the room. Orchid manages to hide under a desk and Severnya leaves. At the same time the real Fujiko Simmons arrives at the lobby. Now Orchid's cover is blown. She manages to hide in a closet to get rid of her costume and then heads down the stairs to the parking garage. But the entire building is on lockdown and security caught her on camera. A fight between her and the security guards ensues. Orchid manages to defeat them all but is tazered by Alvin Severnya and goes down.

As she wakes up, she is questioned by Severnya who taunts and teases her but otherwise leaves her be since she does not say a single word. Once he leaves, she uses ehr acrobatic skills to get up and reach an airduct where she manages tor emove her chains and climb up the building. Hoping she has escape, she realizes that she is no longer in New York anymore, but instead is now Naked in New Jersey, something that apparently happened before.

When the guards realize she is gone, they try to find her. Stealthy taking them out one by one she aquires herself some clothes and a gun when even more guards arrive. Orchid climbs back into the airduct and climb back down, this time making her way out of the building. But one of the guards saw and shot her. Wtih an injured leg, she tries to hide from her captors behind some trash cans but the guard that shot her finds her. He reveals himself to be a Red Shirt and is directly shot afterwards by Orchid who then manages to escape on the subway and complete her mission.