Nightstar Art by David A. Daang

Nightstar is a vigilante and a character in Nightfighter . She is partnered with Shin and has some superpowers including a healing factor. She is very talkative and has a very twisted sense of humor. Also she is very fond of any type of gun.

Private LifeEdit

Nothing is known aout her private life. Her real name is Cho and she seems to have chinese ancestry. She looks like she is in her early thirties and she is very fast and agile.

As a vigilanteEdit

On September 21st 2017 she and Shin were fighting a huge beast inside an old warehouse. Tasked with the job to occupy the beast while Shin prepared his trap, she was thrown around like a rubber ball. Her healing factor made sure she survived that though. Then she met Thomas Simmons after his accident and was impressed by his power. Calling him all sorts of nicknames related to fried food she and Thomas made sure the creature entered Shin s trap. But the trap did not work as the beast was too powerful. It grabbed her and tore her left arm out of its socket!

After the creature was defeated Shin made sure that the arm was taken with them to their secret hideout, where the arm re-attached itself due to her healng factor.