Except for the fact that he was born on September 5th 1981, next to nothing is known about Michael Chapman prior to Fall 2009. He just appeared in New Steede City one day and set up shop selling only one product: A tiny desktop device you can talk to, that organizes your day, tells you when you need to go buy groceries and genereally could be considered an A.I. companion. He called the product AINA and it sold like crazy. Other tech giants quickly took notice and offered to buy AINA and Chapman Enterprises but Michael refused and instead started giving away AINA for a reduced price in anticipation of releasing Version Two. As sales skyrocketed, so did his name. All of a sudden, Chapman Enterprises was a tech giant.

Michael however kept to himself and while he showed up to meetings, he didn’t take his job as a CEO very seriously, much to the dismay of the people that worked with him. So he just hired somebody to speak on his behalf while he went on vacation.

Recently he’d taken a more active approach to running his company, at least concerning product launches. However, one of the earliest bombings that occured over the last few weeks hit places he frequented until of course one of the bombers managed to blow himself up directly in the Chapman Industries boardroom. Michael, however, survived that ordeal almost unharmed, which makes him an ideal candidate to be Psypher.

He has the money and, due to his lax working attitude, clearly also the time to be superheroing around at night. It is also interesting to note that Psypher returned shortly after the first bombings started in places Michael frequented. He is also keeping himself in shape as is evidenced when he meets Frank and Melissa Falkner while he is out on a run.

However, it could also just be a huge coincidence, seeing as his leisurely way of life would probably prevent him from doing superhero things as they require, well work. He is also known to be a very laid back person and doesn’t really seem the type for late night adventures.