Melissa is the combo breaker of her family. When she was born on August 30th 1984, her parents, Francis and Francine, were sure that they would get another boy, the first one being Frank, and wanted to name him Fraser. But when Melissa was born, they were so surprised that it was a girl that they named her Melissa, because her father figured his family had a proud tradition of only conceiving sons and since she broke that tradition, they could also break the naming tradition. Melissa’s family is weird to say the least.

She grew up with her best friend Elena Beauradin and, despite her strange family, had a very normal childhood. Her brother Frank was very much into Elena and Melissa tried several times to play cupid but one of the two was always too dumb to notice. It took her months to finally get them to kiss and she was probably happier than the couple when it happened.

But then disaster struck when the Living Nightmare killed Elena and attacked the family. Were it not for the timely intervention of Psypher, the entire family would have been dead. Thus, she is an ideal candidate to take over the mantle now.

She could be the new Psypher because of her past but also because she is very well in shape. She hides it behind baggy clothes, but that woman is fit and strong as an ox. She is also tall enough and her creative work would give her more than enough free time to jump around in a white hoodie.

Then again, she apparently has a fear of heights, despises violence and, at least according to herself, she thinks that Psypher is not needed, as trouble seems to follow him around. Without Psypher, she reasons, there would be fewer troublemakers.