Nevya Kralovna was a porn actress. Because she was treated badly on the set of her latest film she quit. In the locker room she was approached by Dr. Hugo Schneider who offered her 500 000 dollars if she allowed him to experient on her. She refused and Schneider gave her his card in case she changed her mind. At home, she learned that her family had run out of money and her brother, who was supposed to get some work, had apparently run out on the family. So Nevya decided to take Schneider up on his offer.

The procedude was quick and painless and she was released back into the wild with her money. On her way home she was followed and when she arrived at her family's place to show them the money, they were being robbed. Nevya however quickly took out a gun and shot the robber, realizing too late that the crook was her brother. She told her mother to take the money and use it to pay the bills only and not give her a lawyer as she was going to turn herself in.

Nevya was sentenced to cryo prison for seven years, a humane senence because she turned herself in. After two years, however, Chrome broke her out as her body had undergone changes due to Schneiders experiment. Schneider revealed that he staged the break in and that the judge was in on the scheme, knowing that it would kill her unborn child. As he told her that her family had been deported he wiped her mind finalizing her transformation into Glacia.

She and Chrome then were sent into the sewers beneath the A.S. Industries complex to retrieve the Bio-Suit. There, they fought Nightfighter, Shin and Nightstar and Glacia defeated all three of them. Glacia and Chrome brought Nightfighter to Severnya afterwards.