Simmons Fujiko

Fujiko Simmons, 2016

Fujiko Simmons, née Suzusaki was the wife of Thomas Simmons and personal assistant to Alvin Severnya . She was very organized and structured and took her job and her responsibilites very serious.

Early lifeEdit

Fujiko was born on June 28th 1996 in Nagano, Japan. At age 12 she was sent to america by her parents to live with her aunt. She was a troubled youth but became a well behaved young lady when her mother died of heart failure. She completed High School a year late and applied to A.S. Industries right after that. She got the job as Alvin Severnya 's personal assistant.

At A.S. Industries Edit

Fujiko mainly took care about Severnya's calendar. She organized his meetings and read through the employee files. She had as much influence in hiring people as Severnya himself. Because she knew about everyone that was hired during her tenure, it was there where she met Thomas Simmons and the two married on June 1st 2016. During their honeymoon vacation she inexplicably had to return to the office because she saw somebody using her login on the company system. It turned out that a spy had infiltrated the corporation posing as her. Fujiko was furious about this but the matter was resolved shortly and she returned to her vacation.


On July 18th 2017 she was staying late in the office to finish some work. After she was done she checked on security duty and was ready to head home when Severnya called her into his lab. Once there she realized that something was off when she saw a secret room in the lab. As she turned around Severnya shot her directly through the heart which killed her in a matter of seconds.