DeSantos Emilia

Emilia DeSantos Art by Ya-Yun

Emilia DeSantos is the protagonist and titular character in Dark Mist . A genius she became very rich at a young age due to some inventions she made. SHe also happens to be dead and tells us her story of how she ended up this way.

Early lifeEdit

An exceptional child, she graduated college at age 17 and basically became rich over night by inventing a chip that is installed into a bathroom, detecting any sign of potential illness - basically, a toilet telling its user that in ten years they might get cancer, but no worries, if they act now.

So what does she do with all her billions? Yes billions, she is THAT rich. Well, she invests it in biomechanics, of course, and pretty much owns that field as well, through several trusts and companies.

True, she has had some setbacks in her personal relationships and family, but despite these losses she never really lost her love for life. Besides, why sulk when you can spend your days on your private luxury liner surrounded by dozens of beautiful men and women?

As Dark MistEdit

Apparently she is not into that though since she got bored and decided to do crime fighting for reasons she has yet to reveal. So she created a suit that allows her to shift her molecules in three dimensional space. Basically it turns her into mist for a few seconds. She uses that ability to infiltrate buildings and take out bad guys. Also comes in handy if people shoot at you.

One of her first exploits was a kidnapping. A man was shot and Emilia was amongst the crowd that gathered. She saw that something was standing next to the man and now it has been taken. Because she is good at what she does she quickly found the place where the killers were hiding and took them out one by one with her powers. She then freed a young girl named Jenny who was kidnapped. The kidnappers shot her father after he brought them the ransom money and will now go to jail for that.

She is constantly revising the suit however to make sure she is always a step ahead of her enemies.