All of our comics are done by very talented people. Most of them are newcomers to the world of comic book artistry or art in general. We believe that supporting the talent of the next generation is vital to tell the stories we want to tell - stories that have impact on the characters and the readers, stories you can't find elsewhere and stories that have consequences that matter, without being retconned or retroactively changed to a different meaning. Every artist contributes to that vision and thus we are very proud of the many talented people we have already welcomed to our ranks.

The Writer

All of our comics are written by Ezekiel Rage. Every dialogue, every plot, every background text, everything that build the world and connects the dots. Ezekiel Rage also wrote our shortfilms and directed them and he is also the publisher of the comics.

Check out his online portfolio at and his YouTube Channel .

The Artists

Our books all have a set of artists that lend their incredible talents to one title. Each title has an ever rotating set of artists that give it all they have to ensure the quaity of our books. Each artist invests a lot of time into the comics so please treat them with the respect they deserve.



Guest Artists

Throughout the years we also had the great opportunity to work with many brilliant guest artists. Be it an alternative cover, a wallpaper or colors to one of our pages, our guest artists did a wonderful job at making sure our comics look the best they can. As with our regular artists, please treat them with the respect they deserve as they all invested a lot of their free time into this project. Huge thanks to all of you!

Comic Guest Artists