Shade is an ongoing comic published every thursday. Set at the turn of the 21st century it depicts a future after World War Three. For this we of couse need a few creative minds. This is their page and I hope you say hi to them.


Tony LeeEdit

Starting the saga of Shade, Tony Lee drew the entire 1st issue and helped develop the look of the characters. A great artist and talented designer he helped shape the world of the future for things to come. Of course he has a deviantART profile and of course you need to check it out!


Lu is one of Spike's oldest and best friends. He has incredible talent and spent years practicing his craft. His lines are amazingly beautiful and mesh well with the world of Shade. He is also drawing his own webcomic which happens to update every tuesday and sometimes even features Spike himself. You can and should check it out at


Yuliya KonstantinovaEdit

How do you depict something bright and neon while staying dark and dirty? Well ask KoJuls because she surely pulled that one off. Her colors look amazing on the title and bring out the best in every page. If you don't check out her deviantART page then please tell us why you hate yourself!?