Dark Mist is different from all other comics we have, because it tells its story in a highly serialized manner. It is not issue based and does notfeature a set of artists that rotate around. Instead it is a collection of short stories and each short story has its own set of artists that do that one story. However that does not mean that an artist can not return for this or other comics we do. It just means that every story has ten pages and those ten pages are done by the same people.


Andre BroomeEdit

The first of the wonderful people I had the pleasure of working with is Andre Broome whose deviantART page you can see here. He did the lineart to the first short story titeled Dark Mist. His simplistic yet effective approach set the tone for the adventures to come and fits the character of Emilia DeSantos perfectly.

Walter MoreiraEdit

Fantastically talented, this artist not only drew and inked the second storyline, he also shared coloring duties with our other masters of color. And if that were not commitment enough he even created the cover for the entire first storyarc - the first five short stories. Commitment, detail and love for what he does aired with amazing talent and very professional artwork - you just HAVE to check out his deviantART page!


Samuel GataEdit

The brilliant Samuel Gata, who I'm sure is somebody we will keep hearing from in the future, does the colors to the first short story, Dark Mist. Incredibly detailed and wonderfully shaded his colors make the pages appear almost like an animated movie. Check his deviantART page out for more of his great work!


After her stint as guest artist for Raven/Black Shadow she decided to color The Heist, the second Dark Mist storyline alongside Walter Moreira and LaloHP and what can you say other than amazing!? Her colors match the style of the book so well one wishes to see more of her - and you can, thanks to her deviantART page.


This artist teamed up with iDynamyx and Walter Moreira for The Heist as well and by now it should be quite clear how talented he is. After all, the entire story looks stunning to say the least so you owe it to yourself to also check out his deviantART page and be amazed.