Black Shadow is an ongoing comic published every wednesday. Our Artists are always hard at work to bring you the comic every week without delay. Here you can find a bit of info about them and of course check out their artist pages.


Sabi NoirEdit

Sabi Noir is a talented young artist from Russia. Not only that, she is also a very talented cosplayer. She was the first artist to hop on board our Black Shadow solo series and has stayed with us ever since. She can be found on deviantART of course and I highly recommend you to check out her page there.


Ila FaeEdit

Colors for the issue are done by some very talented people: The first part is done by Ila Fae who has a fantastic sense for colors and lighting as you can see on her deviantART page. She also colored the absolutely stunning cover art.


Also something to check out are the colors of the latter part of the issue, done by the equally talented Nanoi. She too has a deviantART page of course and as always I highly recommend checking it out!

Dario MagdićEdit

Dario came to us near the end of Issue 1 and has not stopped to amaze us ever since. His style and use of color fits perfectly with the comic and he has delivered some fantastic colors for later issues as well. Check out his deviiantArt page for more of his great work!

Sierra ZdrojewskiEdit

A perfect fit for the comic, her colors are as vibrant and yet subtle as the story demands. SIerra just knows how to make us look good. Do yourself a favor and check out her deviantART page to say hi to her and her amazing talents.