Black Shadow
Written by:
Ezekiel Rage
Art by:
Sabi Noir
Colors by:
Ila Fae, Nanoi, Dario Magdic
Black Shadow is an ongoing comic on the website and focuses on the titular character in his hunt for Red Smile , one of Californias most notorious serial killers. It is more of a crime story and updates every wednesday.



For years, notorious serial killer Red Smile evaded the police. So Brian Warner, the lead detective on the case started a new online and media campaign to finally bring him to justice. But what he didn't realize is that Red Smile would take this as a taunt to restart the "game" he was playing with the police and so after years of absence he returned. Marcus James Reed, Brians partner is now bringing Biran up to speed. The two men are now investigating a new Red Smile victim. As they drive to the police station Brian ponders why Red Smile quit killing in the first place. And when Brian checks the victim for any of Red Smiles trademark riddles he finds it. And it reveals that there will be more victims very soon.

Brian works through the list of missing women from the last few days. He believes that there are more victims. After Marcus brins in another one, they conclude that so far there have been four victims with two more coming today, based on the riddle Red Smile left them. Brian then realizes that this is a personal message to him and concldues that the last two victims will be his wife and son. Brian and Marcus rush to Brian's house but they are too late: Red Smile already killed Brians Family!

As the police take over the crime scene, Brian just stands idly by, watching without saying a word. Marcus then gets called away to another crime scene and Brian thinks it has to do with Red Smile. He puts on his motorcycle gear and follows Marcus with his bike. He climbs a nearby roof to get a better view over the scene when he sees a young girl wearing a red shirt watching the cops. He tries to talk to her but she sees him and runs away. Brian follows and the girl attacks him. They fight and Brian ultimately wins. The young girl reveals that she is part of a group that worships Red Smile called Red Shirts and that she and her friends only have one goal: To please Red Smile and hunt down Brian.