Founded and owned by Alvin Severnya, A.S. Industries was the leading provider of weapons technology to the United States government. Their Headquarters are located in New York and form a giant complex filled with offices, facilites and even housing for its employees.

The A.D.S. once investigated the corporation by sending their agent Orchid in undercover to find incriminating evidence against Severnya. It is unknown what Orchid found but she managed to make a connection between Red Shirts and the A.S. Industries security team.

Afterwards the A.D.S. sent a team of soldiers into the complex to retrieve some work from Severnya. For reasons yet unknown this caused a complex wide explosion, destroying a large part of the complex and killing at least 102 people.

During the battle between Nightfighter and Severnya, the main tower of the complex got completely destroyed. It is not known what the company is currently doing, with Severnya dead and their H.Q. gone.

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